We work on national land development projects and are driven by a sincere and dedicated effort to provide excellent results based on the most modern methods and techniques.

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      We are a global pioneer in the field of demolition engineering. Our extensive record of accomplishments, both in Japan and around the world, speaks to our dedicated commitment to our clients.

      Our business is based on engaging in continuous research and the development of advanced demolition engineering technologies. We build on our decades of existing know-how while constantly looking for innovative ways to earn the trust of the industry.

      We are grateful for all of those who have put their trust in us over the past five decades.

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      The world of the 21st century changes every day and we must keep pace by assisting the global construction industry to adapt to those challenges. New technologies have transformed our industry from simply demolishing structures to embracing geological and rock engineering that drives earth core shaping through base reinforcement and slope stabilization.

      To address these challenges, we have established a total engineering system that seeks to balance two seemingly contradictory issues – creative demolition and the safeguarding of the global environment.

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      It is our company policy to always search for new and creative solutions. We are committed to continuous improvements and responding to the needs of our clients.

      We look forward to serving you.
      President and Chief Executive Officer Jun Yamamoto


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